Pandemic fatigue has us forgetting the importance of mental health

The pandemic has now lasted for over 9 months.

Nine months.

Mask-wearing. Social distancing. Quarantining. Fears of unknown and of known. Anxiety every time you cough or sneeze. Is it a cold? Allergies? Is my breath more labored than normal? Is it just anxiety about this deadly virus we know…

We’re living through a pandemic, people!

woman with floss wrapped around her head yelling

It’s Day… Whatever of Lockdown. Everywhere around me people are reaching outside of their comfort zones, trying to adjust to the New Normal. Going above and beyond to try and stay healthy and connected during this confusing time. Probably using features and apps in ways you hadn’t ever planned on…

Rachel Drane

Fiction/Non-Fiction Writer & Poet. Pole Dancer. Lover. Mental Health Advocate. Painter. Singer. Myers-Briggs PBNJ. She/Her.

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