Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a slut.

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A slutty past

I remember second grade clearly because that’s when I wrote my first secret admirer letter. In third grade, I floated for months after my crush noticed my new haircut. In fourth grade, I pretended to like the Flyers so Jimmy would like me. In fifth grade, I decided to pick up the electric bass because Travis was going to be playing it. …

Pandemic fatigue has us forgetting the importance of mental health

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I felt like I was about to die…

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And it’s probably hurting you too

phone being held up by a selfie stick
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Connections I’ve found as I watch the world get slowly locked down

Rolls of almost used up toilet paper spaced in front of a orange background
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We’re living through a pandemic, people!

woman with floss wrapped around her head yelling
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COVID-19 doesn’t have to ruin your dating life.

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Adjusting your expectations can be the most effective way to unleashing your creativity

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5 questions to ask yourself

A woman sitting on the ground behind a bunch of leaves
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9. Positive affirmations are crap

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1. Emotions can’t be wrong

They’re not rational, and they’re not supposed to be. …

Rachel Drane

Fiction/Non-Fiction Writer & Poet. Pole Dancer. Lover. Mental Health Advocate. Painter. Singer. Myers-Briggs PBNJ. She/Her. racheldrane.com

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