Finding Zen Dancing on a Pole

It’s more than wearing no clothes, but that doesn’t hurt.

Be present or die.

I’ve found a new kind of peace in pole dance.

When people think about mindful movement, their first thoughts turn to yoga. Tai chi. Walking meditation. Thoughts of slow, deep breathing. Calm. Relaxation. Quiet.

Letting go is the hardest part.

As I’ve progressed, I’ve found that probably the scariest thing in pole (for me) is letting go of my hands. First-timers often have to overcome their Beginner’s Grip, because they end up holding onto the pole too tightly to be able to move smoothly in a spin, for instance.

Go from Position 1 to Position 2 and pray… (credit:

Your legs aren’t gonna hold you up. You’re going to fall. You’re gonna start to slip. You’re too weak. You can’t hold yourself up. You’re going to fall and hurt yourself.

And as soon as it’s unleashed, it’s hard to stop. It snowballs. And the mental doubt translates into physical doubt. And the grip becomes less sure. And maybe I physically fumble, causing myself to be even less sure. And I have to abort.

Acceptance is key.

Another element of pole — that shouldn’t be as surprising as it was to me — is how much physical pain is involved.

and it sounded so innocent… (

Share the journey.

Unlike yoga or tai chi, pole dance is performative. Which, in the past, might have made me think less of the sport. Made me think that it’s more about others than myself. That it’s more about how you look and how you make others feel.

Fiction/Non-Fiction Writer & Poet. Pole Dancer. Lover. Mental Health Advocate. Painter. Singer. Myers-Briggs PBNJ. She/Her.

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